Paul Einbund


Paul Einbund is the owner of the Morris restaurant in San Francisco and Seam Wines. Previously the Beverage Director at Frances restaurant, a partner at Coi restaurant with Daniel Patterson and tartare with George Marrone before that. He's consulted on some of the most exciting beverage programs in California. 

Named Best Sommelier in the Bay Area by the SF Weekly in 2010.

Paul has traveled to many of the world’s wine regions to walk the vineyards and meet the people. He has worked harvest in Argentina, Uruguay and California in addition to having made his own wine called ‘3’ in 2005 and 2006 with Paul Hobbs and Paul Frank of Gemstone Vineyard.

Received two Michelin stars at Coi restaurant in San Francisco, and one Michelin star at Frances restaurant.

Recognized in the media for innovative food and beverage pairings including the use of wine, tea, sake, beer, infusions and cocktails.

A few of the legendary tastings Paul has organized include two comprehensive Petrus tastings back to 1929 (one exclusively large format), comprehensive tastings of DRC, Hill of Grace, Leeuwin Artist Series Chardonnay and Riesling, 1982 Bordeaux and many more.

Consulted with the Paul Hobbs Winery to set up the Lyndsey House hospitality center, including organization, projections, guest receiving, service and tasting methodology.

Paul was the sommelier for a segment titled 'A day in the life of a sommelier' in the television show In Wine Country.



His latest wine project - Seam Wines